Oversized Haulage services UK and road traffic

Oversized Haulage services UK (non-standard, oversize, large-size) refers to the transport of those loads that, together with the vehicle or combination of vehicles, exceed the dimensions or weight specified in the provisions of the Road Traffic Act.

Therefore, Oversized Haulage services UK is organized in situations where the permissible parameters for the transport of cargo are exceeded.

We will also talk about oversized transport when the axle loads of a vehicle or combination of vehicles, together with or without the load, exceed the standards set for a given road.
The most frequently transported loads as part of Oversized Haulage services UK include in particular: agricultural machinery, heavy construction equipment, elements of infrastructure and industrial structures, halls and warehouses, equipment used in industry and production halls.

Oversize loads are characterized by non-standard dimensions and high weight, which do not fall within the standards specified by the regulations.

Oversize transport in UK is regulated by the provisions of the Road Traffic Act of June 20, 1997. Pursuant to Art. 64 sec. 1, the movement of a non-standard vehicle is allowed under the following conditions:
Obtaining a permit for the passage of a non-standard vehicle of the appropriate category, issued, by way of an administrative decision, by the competent authority (in the case of a non-standard vehicle belonging to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland, subject to obtaining a military road permit issued by the competent military authority);